Yale University - Squash

Whether it is a day camp or elite overnight camp, the primary focus of Elm City Squash Camps is to provide a fun, yet structured learning environment that inspires all our campers to work hard and improve their squash skills.

With a focus on technical and tactical analysis, we aim to educate our campers about the intricacies of the game and how they need to train to maximize their improvement. After attending our camp, players will have a better understanding of how to be more successful on and off the court and how to tailor a training program to suit their needs.

We utilize physical and psychological training techniques to develop independent strategic players as they make the best competitors and teammates. To accomplish this we use guided feedback, something unique to Elm City Squash, which enables a player to highlight a problem and find a solution to correct it.

We pay special attention to the hiring of our coaches to ensure that our campers are receiving the highest quality coaching as well as learning new and innovative training concepts. The staff at Elm City Squash is aware of the positive impact playing squash can have on individuals of all ages including discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and self-confidence. We take our responsibility as coaches and mentors very seriously and help our players find ways to apply the lessons of the court to their respective lives. Thus, our coaching does not stop when we leave the squash courts – we are very hands on during our evening activities trying to help shape the social aspect of our players too.

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Summer squash camps are open to any and all entrants; subject to age and gender restrictions.